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asked Mar 1, 2017 in eShop by Bill | 233 views

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Hi Bill,

Give a call. I know they work with Shopify and CB.  

Have you seen the new features we added in the web cart?  Its very different than what it was back in version 13...

And in 17 we will have available a email marketing suite...
answered Mar 1, 2017 by cbadmin (3,200 points) don't have to post this, but in response to your answer and some feedback:

1) the company/site websynq is terrible at communication, their site is incomplete, and still has lorem ipsum text throughout - It doesn't give me a sense of security when I'm asking someone to handle my web transactions.

2) I know you have an integrated site, I've been a customer for years - but you are not a web shopping cart and you don't have the expertise or community that a more robust platform has - some of us need that!  As a distribution company that has seen our business shift dramatically to ecommerce - we want best in class, with proven ability - don't try to sell what is coming,  fix what you have.

3)You are a good ERP system, get the tools in place (Eshop) to work with today's platforms so that I don't have to spend so much time constantly searching for a solution that does everything, with easy integrations - it's frustrating, or I'm just frustrated at having to go outside the solution to get things done.
(Part 1 of 2)
Sorry for the day in responding.

The web module has come a long way since you last used it and we are about to announce version 17 which will bring WordPress ease of use to the ecommerce module and greatly simplify the upgrade process to future releases.

First, A Bit Of Background
So you are aware, eCommerce is our DNA and is not a hobby project.  I originally founded a company called Smart Software that has one of the first shopping cart solutions (Back in 2000). We worked with several large companies, including Universal Studios, before being acquired by another software company back in 2001.  Also, I'm the person that connected Bob Schwartz with Magento (He was responsible for the eBay investment and was there president for several years).

When we chose to integrate eCommerce into Connected Business, we Brought AspDotNetStorefront into the project 2 years before our release. AspDotNetStorefront, at its peak, powered 25,000 eCommerce websites. We worked with them to ensure that the way we handled our business logic could work from both a “ERP / Backoffice” point of view and a “eCommerce” point of view. In exchange, they used our office space and a few of our programmers to develop their product.

In 2009, we bought the AspDotNetStorefront eCommerce edition for our solution outright and incorporated into our solution at no additional charge to our customers.

Today, the Connected Business web module is used to power some very high volume (thousands of orders a day) and we have had customers process as many as 38,000 orders in one day from all sales channels. Here are a few examples…

We have had customer take as many as 38,000 orders in a single day and may of the sites you see take thousands of orders a day.

The Problem With Using “Third Party Extensions”

While programs like Magento are great because they support a wide range of third party extension, it also comes with some pitfalls. Every week we talk to companies that are struggling because they are using a discontinued third-party extension that is crucial to their website. This can be a big issue as it is taking away their ability to upgrade to new releases of those products as security vulnerabilities are found in older releases. We’ve talked to companies that are experiencing dozens, in some cases hundreds, of fake orders a day because of a venerability in their release that has been fixed in a newer release. Often these extensions are “encrypted” making it impossible to hire your own developers to update the code to a newer release.

Although we have connectors to many of the popular standalone cart solutions, most of our new customers (even those that spent 100k customizing their websites) usually move to our web module after a few months to get the real-time integration.

Also, from our experience, the vast majority of extensions installed by companies are for things we already include in Connected Business.

The Connected Business Web Module Is Real-Time – And That Is Important!
The Connected Business web module is unique in that it is fully incorporated into the back office giving users a true “” omni-channel experience. A recent study by Forester has shown that 62% of B2B companies that have some level of eCommerce, are planning to move to an integrated “single stack” solution in the future -  

Unlike a standalone eCommerce solution that requires constant and stock synchronizations (which just means your online stock is accurate 99% of the time), Connected Business is a real-time solution that is 100% accurate – all of the time. For someone purchasing from your website, accurate inventory is all they care about. The first time you need to email them that the “in-stock” item they ordered is not in stock, is the first time they start looking at doing business with your competitors. The trust is broken.

In addition to the real-time inventory data, everything else in the Connected Business eCommerce module is in real-time with the rest of your operations. This allows your customer service department to provide better service and customers to have a 24/7 experience with your company knowing that they will get the same exact customer service, pricing and inventory status experience online as over the phone.

Real-time is also important for B2C items such as gift cards and loyalty point programs. A system that takes hours to synchronize is venerable to buyers using points or gift card multiple times across sales channels until the synchronization takes place.

The Connected Business Web Module Uses Twitter Bootstrap – And That Is Important!

Starting with version 16, the entire skinning engine was changed to support twitter bootstrap – the world’s most popular “front end” web platform.  Bootstrap is used by Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.  What that means is that any designer that is familiar with Bootstrap can design your website and that you an easily incorporate Bootstrap snippets from websites such as into your Connected Business website

The Connected Business Web Module Is Designed For B2C and B2B – And That Is Important!

Nearly all the popular shopping cart systems out there are designed for B2C. With Connected Business, we did not forget the needs for a B2B company as well. For example,

• Connected Business eCommerce supports multiple login accounts – In a B2B environment, there are usually multiple buyers. Having all buyers from a single company sharing one user name and password is problematic due to employee turnover.
• Connected Business eCommerce supports personalized product content. You can setup the eCommerce module to display products on a per buyer basis. For example, the janitorial department to only see janitorial products. The office manager only to see office supplies, etc.
• Fully integrated to your supply chain. In B2B companies need to understand not only what you have in stock today, but what your stock availably will be in the upcoming weeks as they plan to keep their shelves stocked.
Part 2/2
A Few Video Highlights Of The Connected Business Web Module

The New Content Editor -

Allocation & Reservation – Huge Feature! Allows you to show the expected ship date based on incoming purchase orders instead of a “sales killing” out of stock button. Works with the rest of the system to automate the fulfillment upon receiving the purchases.

Address Verification – Stop paying $15 incorrect address fees to UPS or Fedex because the customer gave you the wrong address. Works both online and in the office -

Priority Orders – Offer customers priority shipping times for a small fee. The process is streamlined through all departments -

Online RMA – Allow customers to process RMA requests Online, even if they called, emailed or faxed in the order -

B2B Payment for eCommece – Allow customers with credit terms to place NET30 payment terms based on their available credit line. Not shown in the video, but customer can also pay NET30 bills with a credit card in the account section. This is great for cleaning up past due accounts -

Live chat AND live help. Live chat is getting pretty common these days, but checkout our live help which ties into the sales order and crm system (it’s in the second ½ of the video) -

Not shown in video, Connected Business 16 and above now includes the sales tax data for every postal code in the U.S.

Finally, we do have a ecosystem of third party developers that can customize the cart to your needs.

Hope that helps!

Awesome reply. The ecommerce landscape changes so fast. How can we keep up without a programmer on staff? For example Google has added a number of "ad extensions" to their pay per click ads. One of the powerful ones puts up a star rating for some merchants like this one: example rating. To get that rating we need to have 150 reviews on google or a feeder service (like NexTag; google provides a list). To get our website to collect a high number of reviews from customers, we need to hook up one of these google-blessed services. Ecommerce specialists will have modules like this that are easier to turn on. Is there a way to turn this on with CB sites that is not too painful? I'm attaching a visual of what I'd like to do as well to make my question more concrete.

Look at this, bribing customers for reviews! 


They're using a "WebBucks" system to create credits that can be used in future purchases. Do we have anything like that? How can we use the capabilities CB has to offer a system like this to our clients? 


You can use the campaign feature in the crm module to send out emails to solicit reviews - even for orders that was placed via other sales channels. We have loyalty points, which is the same but they can also redeem it all of your sales channels (not just online). Some of our customers use

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