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I was wondering if there was someway for an item/category to update itself if item attributes are added after the fact. I wish to implement the feature but find I would have to go through each item, delete the category and then re-add the category so the associated attributes show and be selected. I was just curious if there is a way so that i do not have to delete and re-add but just open the item with the category attributes automatically updated?

asked Mar 18, 2017 in eCommerce by Nathaniel | 68 views
Iam having the same issue.   This is not for matrix items for regular items.   if i add an attribute to to an existing profile and i go back to items in that group i am unable to assign that attribute as the drop down menus do not engage unless i remove the attribute profile and readded..  

I think this is the same issue.

The second part is a having the ability to easily do this in bulk which i am guess there is not
I ended up doing the manual process.. i cleared the category tables in bulk and then readded the items so that the attributes come up. I did find once a category has an "attribute" class, and the item associated properly then you can easily add/remove options and sub attributes going forward to that class. I ended up redoing my menus anyway so it worked out painfully haha. I was going to write an sql script but never got around to it as i moved items to attributes little by little. I would recommend to anyone to start off with creating attribute classes and associate them to categories just in case you want to go this direction at a later date instead of many sub categories which i have orginally

I do wish to add a button to "reset" attributes as the current template does not seem to have one.


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Is this for a matrix item? I'm not quite following you.
answered Mar 18, 2017 by cbadmin (3,200 points)
Sorry.. for stock items. I setup an attribute table with options, then create an attribute class using the manager, next I apply the attribute to a category... I already have items in that category so when I open an item already in the category, none the attributes do not show. I have to delete the category, close the item form, reopen and re-add the category for the attributes to show. Its just more clicking.. I have a category that has quite a few items in it so I was hoping to get around this but the work will pay off in the end for our clients. Hope to have a second store here shortly. Also, plan to try out one of your in-services one of these days when I can get away as I go to Anaheim quite often...

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