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When running the Allocate Free Stock Routine, the PO shown below will not appear with Select Set to Ship Date and date set for today.  It only appears if date is set to Week or other value.  Any idea on why this would not show as with date set for today?  It does the same for Line Item Due Date as well.

asked Jun 14, 2017 in Customer by TJ | 85 views

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Hi TJ,

I encountered the same results when using "Today" as date criteria in running allocate free stock routine. For now you can use the criteria "Specific date" or "date range" and it will show the orders that you created on that day. I will report this to our development team so we can further troubleshoot it.

Thank you,

answered Jun 16, 2017 by nolly.chio (1,780 points)
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