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I'd like to know if this is the best source for CRM training/documentation at this time:

Before I go headlong into using this module I want to know if I'm going to run into trouble with the SMTP sending function. Nowadays email providers send from a new address with every batch. How fast will I get blacklisted for using CB CRM to blast 1000 emails out?

The other question is whether I should be setting up a list of potential customers as leads or prospects. What are the limitations/advantages of using one vs the other? Is it really just two silos that can both be addressed with all the same tools? I suppose it adds a step to convert from lead to prospect to customer, rather than just prospect to customer.
asked Jul 21, 2017 in CRM by AJ | 69 views

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There is no single answer that fits every situation

For us...

We send a lot of marketing emails, so we use a separate email service, sparkpost, to deliver our emails and use a different domain-

That ensures that our normal email stays separate from our marketing.

If email marketing is new, you might need to warm up your sending up address...
answered Jul 21, 2017 by cbadmin (3,200 points)
Interesting. So is there some integration between the two systems? We don't have a lot of conversions so maybe manual updating is OK. So we dump our contacts to a spreadsheet, upload that to the email service, blast it, and update CB with the results, repeat?

Any thoughts on my question about leads vs prospects?
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