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Actually I'm in new for CB. So please tell me how to create new plugin which is used for eCommerce.Suppose iwant to diplay social feed's anywhere then how to token based xml package create
asked Sep 8, 2017 in eCommerce by Tushar | 109 views

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In order to create a plugin, you need to CB SDK.  You can start with this page:

There is version of the SDK for each major version of CB.  So get the SDK version that matches your version of CB.  Not all of the SDK versions show up when you click the above link, so you need to further search for the correct version if you don't see your version on the list.

In order to build the development environment, you have to purchase DXperience, which is $1500.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle | Portland | Los Angeles

answered Mar 11, 2018 by davidonelson (140 points)
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