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There are many times that I have to print a specific document like a Credit Memo through reporting but you can't copy/paste the document code or the customer code etc  so you have to type it in on order to use it on a report.  That seems so counterproductive when the data is sitting right there in front of you.
asked Nov 1, 2017 in Customer by Michelle | 33 views

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Hi Michelle,

Are you referring to the filter criteria in the report print dialog? it allows me to paste the document code or customer code in the filter criteria. Can you give a screenshot on what particular form you tried to paste the data?

Sincerely Yours,

answered Nov 1, 2017 by nolly.chio (1,780 points)

This blue bar

See the blue bar at the top?  You can't copy it and paste it to use it to generate a report.  Where else does this information show up that you can copy it?  I've looked everywhere in the customer record and it doesn't appear in any screen or window.

Alright I got it. You may use the customer name instead of customer code since that is also included in most of our report. The customer name field is "Entity Name" and you can see it in the report filter criteria. There is also a work around that you can copy and paste the customer code by adding this field in the form using our user role, just goto the system|customized|role and open your user role and add the customer code field. You may logout and login again to see the changes. See the attach screenshot.

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Nolly Chio

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