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Need to see an example view the old website at www.foodequipmentcompany.com. I am talking about the menu bar that has "home", "categories", manufacturers", etc.

I thought that this would be in sitenav but it wasn't. Any help would be appreciated.
asked Jan 23 in eCommerce by chase22 (180 points) | 15 views

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There are several ways to do your menu based on your requirement. 

Checkout our demo store - http://luggage.mycb.cloud

We made step by step videos on how we created the demo store. It is located at: http://www.connectedbusiness.com/t-documentation.aspx

The step by step videos are 1/2 way down the page on the right, and there is a video on navigation settings which can be directly viewed at https://vimeo.com/225952651

Note that our summer release will include a new menu builder!

Let us know if that helps!

answered Jan 23 by cbadmin (3,080 points)
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