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I just installed the community edition and have been looking around the Demo company.  In Inventory I looked at a Sellable Item BG022.  The inventory record shows a qty in stock of 100.  However, when I run the Stock Valuation on that item it shows qty left in stock of 200.  I look at item DLPRed6 and its inventory record shows 95 in stock but the Stock Valuation report shows 395 in stock.  Every item I look at is off either by 100, 200 or 300 exactly.  

Anyone else see this?
asked Feb 9, 2018 in Inventory by anonymous | 58 views

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Can you run the data verifier located in DBMC(Database Management Console)? When installing the CB server components it includes the DBMC and create a shortcut in your desktop "Connected DBMC 18.2", if incase you could not find it in your desktop, you can goto the CB installed folder e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Connected Business CE 18.2 Server and run the executable file "Interprise.Presentation.Utility.DBMS.exe". See the screenshot below:

Thank you and Let us know if it resolve the issue or not.

answered Feb 13, 2018 by nolly.chio (1,780 points)

Thank you for your response.  However I can not log into the DBMC app.  I get the following error message as shown on the attachment.  What should I try to fix this?


The error means that the dbmc could not find the server name, please run the connected business and click on "change" on the login screen and select configure to see the company database connection and that would be the same server that you need to enter in the dbmc.


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