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Since inventory allocates when entering the customer order, if the item isn't in stock on the date we ship the order, it becomes a backorder.  The backorder is cancelled but since inventory is still allocated, it remains allocated.

How can we adjust at this point so item is no longer allocated?
asked Feb 23, 2018 in Inventory by anonymous | 136 views

1 Answer

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The backorder was generated and by default it does not have any allocated quantity so even you cancel or void the backorder it will not reflect any quantity allocated on the item. In case a user manually enter the allocated quantity in the backorder or for some reason it has an allocated quantity, when you void the backorder it will remove the allocated quantity on the Item. Can you give a screenshot for a voided or cancelled back order but still showing allocated quantity on the Item? double click on the Item quantity allocated to see what are the sales order or invoice it associate.

answered Feb 23, 2018 by nolly.chio (1,780 points)
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