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When we post a GRN in the Supplier Tab, the system checks those items received and automatically allocates any open orders or invoices not posted in the system.  Is there a way to stop this process for when we post the GRN.  We like the auto allocate when the order is first entered, but then it can screw things up when the system is changing those allocations later.

Thanks for your help.

asked May 1, 2018 in Customer by Jeff David | 301 views

1 Answer

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When taking orders for out of stock products, the system will automatically reserve those quantities on your next open purchase order. When receiving those goods, the system will automatically convert the reservation to an allocation so that the products can be shipped. If you do not want the good received to convert the reservations to allocations, just enter a quality of 0 into the reservation when taking the orders.


answered May 1, 2018 by cbadmin (3,200 points)
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