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We've been using supplier PO's to buy from overseas factories but there is some difficulty that comes from receiving in goods from several PO's. We were advised to use PO requisitions instead. Is there a process map or training doc for this?

I believe we would create a new PO once we know what is inbound on a container. Then relieve quantities on requisitions to know what is still outstanding for the supplier to ship. Is that right?  

PS: We don't do PO reservation of items. However, after making this process change, we may want to do that.
asked May 16, 2018 in Supplier by AJM | 93 views

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Connected Business has several different ways to do purchases based on the needs of your business. When dealing with a long supply that is unpredictable, we suggest that you first do your purchases as “requisitions” and once the factory / supplier has given you a list of what products made it onto your container, then convert the requisition to a purchase order and change the items / quantities to the actual numbers shipped. If you have orders for items that could not be allocated or reserved because of lack of stock / purchase orders, the system will automatically create inventory reservations for those items when you save the purchase order.
answered May 16, 2018 by cbadmin (3,200 points)
This is very helpful. So a requestion can be thought of as some kind of proforma or temporary purchase order, right? It adds a step for our purchasing person but adds flexibility so that we can match up GRN and bills better to PO's. That will also make shipping documents line up with supplier billing and payments. Am I right? For adding the steps I see only upsides and no downsides. Any further advice or comments before we make the change? Thank you.
And is this all very different from creating a new PO when the container sails and modify the quantities on the old PO's?

(For users following along: This occurs when a container has items from more than one PO on it, which is often unavoidable when loading a mixture of products).
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