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It seems that virtually all development on new releases of CB relate to the shopping cart and very little advance is made with the backend section especially the supplier module. Paying supplier bills still seems to assume that everyone pays by check. But in our case credit card is virtually our default payment method followed by ACH or wire transfer yet when we go to the payment module we are still confronted with an image of a check. Why can't this section be similar to the payment section for customers where you can choose whether the customer is paying by credit card, check or whatever.
asked May 21, 2018 in Supplier by anonymous | 97 views

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Thank you for the feedback. We will have some discussion on this for a future release.

ACH tends to be somewhat bank dependent so this is something that our partners normally add for our clients. I got a demo of an ACH integration done a few months ago and I will ask that partner to chime in here.

Yes, we have not been adding new features to the ERP at the same pace as versions 13, 14, and 15. The reality in software development is that in order to add major new features you need to make major modifications to the codebase – which introduces new bugs. At this stage we are very selective in what we add to the core with most of our focus going towards usability, performance and stability.

For our current releases, version 18 introduced a whole new web admin and new tools to make it easier to run your website. Version 18.1 we added a lot of little improvements throughout the solution.  Version 18.2 we completely rearchitected (added hardware support for chip readers) and improved the POS solution with lots of little new features and opened up the eShopCONNECTED. Soon we will release 18.3 which will include around 30 new improvements to the ERP alone. Towards the end of the summer we will have version 19 ready which will include some nice ecommerce design improvements, a new dashboard designer and a fancy new menu (that we hope will make the program more intuitive).

Here is a link to the latest releases webinars. Note that the videos are on our new community website that we are launching this week – along with a new forum.
answered May 21, 2018 by cbadmin (3,200 points)
Thanks for the info.
I'm sure all those ecommece improvements are very useful but for people like us who spend most of our time working with the admin. interface, that's where we would really like to see improvements in usability. With ACH I'm not suggesting a specific connection, I'm merely suggesting that would be shown as payment option and would give the option to select a different ref. number. Right now we have to use that check image for every input whether c.card, ACH, check, wire  and we have to manually input a ref. number since the auto increasing ref number is useless in this case (we use a diff ref. number for each payment method) .

And being able to set a specific default payment method for each biller (c.card check etc) would be huge benefit in usability and avoid mistakes in not remembering to select the correct bank account when you go to pay a bill.

Then there's also the problem in the supplier payments section whereby when you have entered a payment amount in the screen which shows the image of a check and then proceed to the allocate tab. If you accidentally forget to choose the right bank account from which the payment is being made, once you have got to the allocation screen, it’s impossible to reverse the default allocation and go back to the Payment tab to correct your error. CB simply processes the payment according to the default payment method. The Undo button does not work, even if you have taken no action in this allocate screen. So even if you realize you made a mistake before hitting Save, it’s too late, so your only choice is to void the transaction.
Which version and country? Believe it or not - some screens are different per country and there was a issue in the U.K. version that has since been addressed...
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