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  1. Implementation Templates With Notes

    Connected Business Implementation Templates With Notes


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  2. Connected Business Core (U.S. Version)

    Release Notes for Connected Business 21
    CB21 Build 7508
    Release Date: 2020-12-15
    Upgrade Considerations:
    Biggest Technology Change Since Version 13 If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile It In The New Version 20 SDK Third Party Developers Will Need The Latest Versions Of Our Third Party Components eCommerce Upgrade Requires Upgrading Skin And Inner Elements From Bootstrap 3 To 4 General Changes, Improvements, and Fixes
    Improved! Fixed.  UK Supplier Import Tax Code Issue Improved! Fixed.  Inventory Item pricing list disappears after clicking another tab and going back to the pricing list. Improved! Fixed.  Opening up an Item Prompts ‘Failed to enable constraints’ Improved! Fixed.  Error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” on Customer Pricing Improved! Fixed.  Error “Value was either too large or too small for an Int32” on Price Break Improved! Fixed. Discount Type Percent Field Improperly Disabled Improved! Fixed. Customer Monthly Trading Analysis Are Not Matching with Total Sales Improved! Fixed. Creating a new case, then creating a callback, crashes with: Object not set to an instance of an object



  3. Implementation Basic Workbook

    What Is Included In The Basic Implementation Plan
    The Basic Implementation plan is designed for companies with very simple business needs, and only includes the minimum tasks necessary to start using Connected Business.  It is a “cookie cutter” implementation plan that assumes that you have very simple business requirements. It is possible that your company will have additional requirements that are not covered under the Basic Implementation plan. 
    The Basic Implementation plan assumes that you, the client, will perform many of the simple tasks and that your implementor, will perform the more complex tasks. It also assumes that most tasks will be performed in a timely manner. Tasks may take more or less time than allocated. Your implementor will keep track of the total time allocated to your project. To ensure that all Basic Implementation tasks have been completed within the time provided for in this plan, 8 hours of “Reserve” and 10 hours of “Project Management” has been added. Reserve time can be used for tasks that take longer than the time allocated, or tasks that no time has allocated.
    Up to 22 hours of Basic Data Import is included with the Basic Implementation plan. This assumes that the importing will be done by a Connected Business Data Specialist that is working under the direction of your implementor. This is discussed in detail in the Data Import section of this workbook.
    If your company needs a custom general ledger setup, or has other complex business requirements, the Basic Implementation plan is not for you. Your Implementor can work with you to develop a custom Implementation Plan based on your exact needs.


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