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  1. Hi, Probably a question over my abilities but i was wondering where InterpriseSuiteEcommerceSecurity.dll is derived from. Curious so one could add an API route reference or maybe creating a separate api service may be in the best interest. Though i assume the latter as i write this as i dont believe an ecom api exists really? Thanks and sorry to trouble
  2. Hi, I am finally getting into the inner workings of our website and analyzing flow, etc based on how I would use it. Before making something as the bits needed appear to be there, is there a manage payment section for website users to add/edit/"remove" unwanted and saved credit cards? Many thanks
  3. No worries. Appreciate the update. Looking forward to it 😉 Hope all is well with everyone at CB. Cheers
  4. Much appreciate the info. Ill wait for the next scheduled release. Hope all is going well. Cheers
  5. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to see if/when the next release of CB21 may be? There still are some issues loading forms I notice with the new cache feature and hope to get them resolved to minimize having to restart the program. Thanks
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